The Atomic Energy Education Society (AEES) is an autonomous body under the Department of Atomic Energy. A Governing Council constituted by Department of Atomic Energy comprising senior Administrative Officers, scientists and educationists govern the Education Society.AEES governs a chain of 31 schools spread all over India. Wherever there is a Nuclear Power Plant or any associated DAE project, there is a school. Mainly these schools cater to the needs of DAE employees. Some non DAE children are also admitted on completion of certain criteria.Atomic Energy Central School No. 2, is one of the schools located in Mumbai. It is close to the Central Avenue in Anushaktinagar. Our school caters to the neighbouring buildings such as Ajanta, Almora, Annapoorna, Dhawalgiri, Ellora, Everest, Golconda, Gaurishankar, Gulmarg, Hastinapur, Indraprastha, Kamet, Kanchenjunga, Kapilvastu, Nandadevi, Netravati, Pampa, Sanchi, Shantiniketan.We have 15 sections of Primary classes, 13 sections of Secondary classes and 6 sections of Pre-Primary classes. A dedicated team of 49 teachers led by the Principal Mr. B. Venkanna, Vice- Principal Mr. Srinivasa Raghavan and Headmistress Mrs. D. V. S. Padmalata take care of the academic activities of the school. The subjects taught include the regular 3 languages, Mathematics, General Science and Social Studies. Information Technology is given importance. Art and Physical Education are also taken care of. Music being a fine art is a separate subject by itself.Our teachers facilitate children to take part in various co-curricular activities. Competitions are held periodically and prizes are awarded to encourage them. Our school children are encouraged to participate in various Competitive Exams conducted by several outside agencies just to keep them updated with knowledge in various aspects.