Principal's Desk


Of all the concepts that we lean on, in many disciplines , creativity is perhaps the most overused and least understood…… In today’s world creativity is fundamentally important for our personal, social, economic and cultural well being. The seeds of creativity lie in everyone.

Creative people invent, imagine, solve problem, create and communicate in fresh new ways. Those with the ability to think outside of the box will lead the future and make the special things happen. All children are innately creative. They like to express their feelings, play with day to day objects, listen to music, laugh etc. All of these things are creative.

Students from the time they enter till the time they leave school, what happens to them along the way tells a story about the strengths and challenges of our education system. We in AECS-2 provide every opportunity for the growth and development of children in the area of their liking.  i.e. to think creatively-which involves Fluency, Flexibility and Originality. In an educational institution, creativity thus plays an important role in bringing out the genius in children.

A Website has been created for our school in order to make communication more effective. The visitors to this website will receive information pertaining to our school.